Choosing hardwood for flooring is a smart choice


Hardwood flooring is an elegant and stylish. It adds natural cadence to a room as well as interesting patterns and colors.

But there are other reasons for choosing hardwood over other possible flooring options.

Choosing wood is ok on the environment

As hardwood flooring denver points out wood has less solid waste than concrete. It requires 4 times less the production of brick. The cellular structure traps air and provides the insulation in an inch that a foot of concrete can provide.

Cleaning a wood floor is easier

You need fewer chemicals and less effort to clean a wood floor that you do a carpet.  Cleaning a wood floor needs a mop. It doesn’t require a huge machine or special equipment. It is done by the time you have started to clean a carpet.

Wood-smart investment

There’s no depreciation on a wood floor. Over a long time, it will relax into a softer gentler look, not used but full of character.

Carpet, on the other hand, has a shelf life. At some point, you will need to replace it.

hardwood flooring denver

Wood is a renewable resource

This is an industry that isn’t going to go away. We don’t need to attack the rain forests we don’t need to do anything ecologically unsound and trees can be renewed. You will need to make sure your source is legitimate. But after thatÂ… you are making an eco-decision.

You can always refinish them

Imagine trying to that for a carpet or even a tile floor. Yes, you can spruce up grout, but if you really want to, you can sand and refinish a wood floor, even change it with a stain, faux finishes or an inlay.

All of which makes a wood floor worth the effort.