The Higher Your Fence, The More Secure You Will Be


Late at night in a seemingly quiet neighborhood, professional burglars may not wish to give your secure home a second thought. The ‘professional’ effort would just not be worth their while. By now, they may have already researched your home, watching your every move. The comings and goings and seeing what kind of car enters your property. Fair enough, your affluence could still be making an attractive impression on them.

But really, folks, the higher your fence or wall, the more secure you will be, because it is just not worth their effort. Of course, this is also going to depend a lot on what type of fencing installation or wall construction is being made. And on the rural, barren outskirts of the town, your isolated smallholding may need a high desert fencing installation in any case. You are, to a degree, cut off from society.

And should there ever be a need, it could very well be quite a while before any form of professional assistance arrives. By that time it could be too late. And by professional is meant your law enforcement agencies, both public and private. Nevertheless, they could well make it to your distress destination. Who knows, perhaps you are under attack by rather ‘unprofessional’ intruders who see fit to attempt to mount your well-constructed fence in any event.

high desert fencing installation

The fence simply delays their activities. A quick getaway is just not possible, not if the fence is this high. It is recommended that a security perimeter fencing or walled-in network be at least more than three times the average length of a man. That is quite a height to negotiate. And further deterrents such as jagged metal blades should always be part and parcel of the security package.